Explore the grids adjacent to the one you’re currently on. Once you choose a grid, other grids will immediately disappear.


How to eliminate the zombies?

Move around the map to fight against zombies. You can attack them with your gun and the chosen Weapon Abilities. Abilities can be activated and upgraded when you have enough EXP crystals.

Besides weapon abilities, you can also activate Attribute Abilities to enhance the following commander attributes (e.g. ATK, walking speed, maximum HP).


Options of survival zone that players can choose to challenge are listed below:

  1. Zombies

    • Eliminate as many zombies as you can during the 4-minute battle time. Survival Zone prestige will be granted when you survive the battle.


  2. Elite Zombies

    • You may obtain a 1.2 reward bonus by challenging Elite Zombies.

3. Zombie Boss


    • Beat the zombie boss at the survival zone to collect the reward chest


4. Lucky Chance


    • Boost up to five random abilities.

5.  Nameless Lake


    •  Recover 30% of Commander HP.

6. Lost Travelers

    • You can purchase discounted items from the traveler’s backpack.